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32 Dreams provides quality, curated, actionable information on the Web 3 space.

BCheque is a qualified English teacher and commercial lawyer in the UK. He is the founder of 32 Dreams, has written for some of the biggest organisations in the space (Pixel Vault, Arweave, PREMINT), and reaches more than 1,000 people each week with his NFT and Web 3 educational newsletter, BCheque's Papers.

Legendary is a former investment banker and management consultant. He has been involved in blockchain technology since 2017. Over the past two years Legendary has built a curated collection of digital art, collectibles and gaming assets, and has founded his own company advising and investing in Web 3 and NFT related startups.

Airdrop Szn is 32 Dreams'
first NFT

• Do you want to learn about and participate in the potential decentralisation and airdrops of Layer 2 protocols?

• Are you overwhelmed and don't have the time to conduct deep investigations on Twitter or Discord?

• Do you feel unconfident or apprehensive using your assets on Layer 2s?

Airdrop Szn 1 will help.

Purchasing Airdrop Szn 1 is like paying for a top research assistant to:

(i) undertake the research on protocol participation opportunities which you don't have time to do;
(ii) package the information in a way which is easy-to-follow and actionable

Valid until the end of 2022, Airdrop Szn 1 NFT holders will receive access to a token-gated Discord in which we provide the relevant information.

Slide through our deck and check out our preview for the finer details and what you can expect.

Education & Media

32 Dreams reaches more than 1,000 people each week through BCheque's Papers, a weekly educational newsletter on NFTs and Web 3.

Our style is showcased there in written form, on our podcasts (NFT World and BCheque Chats), and in this tweet thread.

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